Sunday, November 19, 2017

NYC COMPTROLLER | Chief Economists

Frank Braconi (L) and John Tepper Marlin, Chief Economists to Five NYC
Comptrollers, 1992-2017. Note piñata at upper left.  It did not survive
unscathed. Photo by Alice Tepper Marlin.
In 1989, New York City elected David Dinkins Mayor and Liz Holtzman Comptroller. 

It also approved a thoroughly revised New York City Charter, eliminating the historic Board of Estimate.

The NYC Comptroller lost some powers but gained a new responsibility – it must report on the NYC economy every December and must submit to the NYC Council annually its independent tax-revenue estimate based on the Comptroller's economic outlook.

To carry out this and other tasks, the Comptroller created the position of Chief Economist. It has been filled by five economists, all male. Over the 28 years of the title, three economists have held the job for four years. One has just started working in the title under Comptroller Stringer, one is Commissioner of Finance for Mayor de Blasio and the third became economic adviser to former Governor Pataki.

I was the second Chief Economist, under Comptrollers Holtzman, Alan Hevesi and Bill Thompson. Frank Braconi was the fourth, under Comptrollers Thompson, John Liu and Scott Stringer.

We met up yesterday evening at a post-election celebration hosted by a Suffolk County gadfly group (Resist & Replace) and the local Democratic party. We are united in getting behind a Democratic candidate in 2018 to defeat Lee Zeldin, a Tea Party incumbent Congressman from New York's District 1.

An early order of business at the event was to tackle the Trump piñata, which may be seen to the upper left in the photo.

Between us, my years and Frank Braconi's at the Comptroller's Office add up to a quarter century and take us through two attacks on the World Trade Center and four Mayors – Dinkins, Giuliani, Bloomberg and deBlasio.

106th Mayor
David Dinkins (b. 1927)
Comptroller Holtzman
January 1990
December 1993
4 years
Rudy Giuliani (b. 1944)
Comptroller Hevesi
January 1994
December 2001
8 years
Michael Bloomberg (b. 1942)
Comptrollers Thompson, Liu
January 2002
December 2013
12 years
Bill de Blasio (b. 1961)
Comptroller Stringer
January 2014
4 years
& Counting    

Sunday, November 5, 2017

ARMS, CREST | 2017 Fees

The 2017 College of Arms fee schedule for a coat of arms and crest is shown below. "Impersonal" arms would be for a city or town or church. The arms without crest would be the shield. 

The crest is above the shield and typically adorns a helmet. In the North Warwickshire Borough Council coat of arms the crest is a lion rampant holding a cross fleury.

A "badge" is an armiger's equivalent to a logo. It could appear on clothing worn by staff, for example. The badge is priced only for commercial companies. 

Any graduate of a good college with no identifiable character blemishes and a connection to England or Wales (as would be the case for a graduate of an English University) can petition to the Queen for a coat of arms.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

WIND FARMS | Alternative Energy, Offshore Turbines, Montauk

The largest U.S. array of new windmills in the ocean is being planned for the end of Long Island.

Called Deepwater One, the site is 30 miles from Montauk on the end of Long Island. It covers 256 square miles and can generate 1,000 Megawatts of electricity.

This "Guestwords" article appeared in the East Hampton Star on Thursday, November 2:

Let the Turbines Spin by Alice Tepper Marlin | The East Hampton Star