Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MYANMAR | Connection to GOP Convention

The junta in Myanmar has been taking its sweet time about getting help to the victims of the cyclone. Humanitarians they are not. A big surprise was that the Arizona PR firm head that Senator McCain appointed to run the GOP Convention did substantial work for this bunch – Doug Goodyear. Now we find that lobbyists are all around McCain - he has or had at least 118 of them working on his campaign, according to Progressive Media USA Research. Click on the link below for details. The individuals identified in the linked chart all current or former lobbyists who serve as fundraisers for McCain's campaign or senior aides or advisers. To date, three lobbyists have resigned their role due to conflicts of interests: Eric Robert Burgeson, Douglas B. Davenport, Thomas Loeffler. The list doesn't include Goodyear. More.

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