Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WOODIN | His Contribution to the Platinum Coin, HuffPost

My story on the history of the trillion-dollar Palladium (Platinum) coin was published today by Huffington Post. I wrote it before the Fed and Treasury decided to rule out issuance of the platinum coin.  (HuffPost sometimes takes a couple of days to post things, often because of rights issues relating to images.) 

I obtained permission to use the image of the "Woodin Nickel" for my blogs (see January 11 post below), but HuffPost must have decided the terms of the permission did not apply to them, and only to my personal posts on Google Blogger. So only the $25 platinum coin approved in 2010 is shown in their post, courtesy of the U.S. Mint.

In this post I am including two photos of Will Woodin that were generously loaned to me for copying, to accompany what I might write about Woodin, by his granddaughter Anne Harvey Gerli. 
This is Will Woodin with his beloved guitar, outside
the U.S. Embassy to Cuba. Photo by permission
of Anne Harvey Gerli, Woodin's granddaughter.
Here Will Woodin is proudly displaying his
catch of the day. East Hampton? Pennsylvania?
Photo by permission of Anne Harvey Gerli.

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