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NYC COMPTROLLER | Staff (1994-2001), Then and Now

Carl E. Heastie and Janine Berg, 1993.
Photo by JT Marlin
Photos or links here include:
Anderson, Nancy
Berg, Janine
Calcaterra, regina
Dodell, Sue Ellen
Heastie, Carl. E.
Millman, Jeanne
Paolucci, Nick
More to follow

Carl E. Heastie

THEN (1993): Carl Heastie was a Budget Analyst in the Fiscal and Budget Studies unit ("FABS").

NOW: He is Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Albany, NY.

Janine Berg

THEN (1993): Janine Berg was an Economist in FABS.

NOW: She is Senior Economist with the International Labour Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland. Earlier this year she published a chapter of an ILO book, arguing that market forces alone will not reduce income inequality. She says government programs are needed to strengthen labor market institutions. I visited her in Geneva a few years ago.

L to R (front row): Nancy Anderson, Janine Berg, Sue Ellen Dodell... More
to come (1993). Photo by JT Marlin.
There are lots of people in this photo. The following is just a start.

Nancy Anderson

THEN: Environmental Policy, Office of Policy Management.

NOW: Executive Director, Sallan Foundation, 30 Broad Street, NYC. I have written a few articles for her newsletter.

Sue Ellen Dodell

THEN: Deputy General Counsel.

NOW: General Counsel, New York City Campaign Finance Board, 100 Church Street, NYC.
L to R: Jeanne Millman, Nick Paolucci

Jeanne Millman

THEN: Director, Office of Policy Management.

NOW: Audit Bureau, NYC Comptroller's Office.

Nick Paolucci

THEN: Press Office.

NOW: Spokesman for NYC Law Department.

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