Thursday, July 31, 2008

POLITICAL ADS | Obama v. McCain

July 31, 2008–Blake Fleetwood has posted a sharp take on the last two elections, arguing that Karl Rove succeeded in painting a picture of:
  • Al Gore as an egghead with delusions of grandeur (Image: Jerry Lewis as the mad professor) and
  • John Kerry as lying about his bravery under fire (Image: Pinocchio).
Both images were travesties but they played their part in bringing Dubya to the White House.

Using Blake's flashlight we can read the first McCain and Obama ads as similar snapshots:
  • McCain announces in the "Celeb" ad that Obama is the biggest celebrity in the world, up there with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Message? Obama's popularity is not based on anything but appearance and that being opposed to new offshore drilling means he is responsible for higher oil prices. Image: Obama as empty-headed star.
  • The Obama "We Believe" campaign ad starts with an image of McCain with Bush and Cheney, then goes to Obama's uplifting "we believe" followed by enthusiastic applause. Image: A vibrant challenger, facing up to the nation's economic problems, subverted priorities.
McCain's proposed "drill and nuke" solution to the energy crisis is not likely to have any effect on balancing energy supply with needs during the next eight years. A real solution to the energy crisis requires changing the incentives and behavior of the American people, which is Obama’s focus. That's why the Sierra Club has endorsed Obama.

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