Saturday, June 2, 2012

NYC | Emergency Preparedness

June 2, 2012–One of the problems that emergency planners have in New York City is that people don't believe that a natural disaster could damage the City. After all, hurricanes that come up the East Coast are supposed to peel off and head out to sea before they reach New York City.

But that's not the way it happened in 1938, when the hurricane slammed in to Long Island. It's not the way it may happen in 2012 or beyond, as hurricane patterns are affected by global climate change. There was a story in the New York Press in 2005 about the problem the City might face if a hurricane is headed to New York City.

Bob Trentlyon, former publisher of the Chelsea-Clinton News and other papers has recommended it to my attention as a timely article. I agree with him. It's worth reading. Ask not to whom the hurricane may be heading. If you assume it's not heading for you, by the time that you find out that it is, it may be too late to move.