Tuesday, October 16, 2012

President Packs in Pachyderm

Second Round Goes to President. Photo of
Packed-In GOP Pachyderm by JT Marlin.
I have watched all three debates so far, and I am glad we are having them. Sunlight is a great disinfectant.

On the first debate, I didn't think President Obama did so badly, but apparently in the face of a stream of assertions that the President could not link to the facts he knows, he failed to fight back enough for most observers, even Democrats.

Then in the next debate Vice President Biden went on the attack against Rep. Paul Ryan and is considered to have won that debate handily. The fact-checkers gave Biden the edge.

The third debate a few hours ago was clearly a win for the President. Governor Romney attempted to be the aggressor again and this time the President was ready. The fact-checkers gave most of the disputes to the President. Romney lost female votes on policy issues and on the basis of his body language, which looked strong in the first debate but this time looked querulous.

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