Sunday, October 14, 2012

Radio Shack Goes Off the Air

In today's New York Times, the consumer advocate, David Segal ("The Haggler"), advises us that he wrote last month to Dorvin Lively, interim CEO of Radio Shack about an irate Radio Shack customer. The point of his letter was that:
[A]fter a few somewhat contentious though perfectly civil e-mails, your spokesman has stopped communicating. Zippo. Silence. Crickets. This hurts the Haggler’s feelings. And it suggests that Radio Shack isn’t all that concerned about its public image. Which is surely not the case. Can you get in touch, please? 
The Haggler asks that "anyone who’d like to help make sure this note reaches Mr. Lively is invited to send an e-mail to, the address of the department that is giving the Haggler the cold shoulder."

We need to support the people who support us. I am writing to this email address saying that I am not going to buy anything at Radio Shack until they respond to The Haggler.