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ART BIZ | Ashawagh Hall, Aug. 23-24, APC Sales $6,000

Toby Haynes, "Evening Light, Gerard Drive",
pastel, 21x29, sold for $1,500. All photos of
art by JT Marlin on iPhone.
The Accabonac Protection Committee had its Second Annual Art Benefit Show yesterday and today. As of 4 pm, with four more hours to go, ten paintings/drawings/photos  had been sold for a total of $6,000. I snapped my favorites with my iPhone.

Ellen Dooley, "Accabonac Figure",
Digital map overdrawn with
Carre's Crayon, 23x29, sold, $595.
During the time I was at the exhibit on Sunday midday, Toby Haynes' "Evening Light" was sold, the most expensive of the ten artworks that were picked by buyers. It depicts the point where Gerard Drive ends and the sandy promontory confronts Louse Point, with an active channel between them, draining in and out with the tide.

All of the paintings are of Accabonac Harbor. A clever one by Ellen Dooley shows the Harbor as a map, with a female figure outlined on top with a crayon.

Putting the first two paintings together, you can see in Dooley's map drawing where Gerard Drive faces Louse Point.

David Littleton Smith, "Plum Island to Gardiner's Bay: 
Running Before the Storm", oil on linen, 20x30, 
sold for $900.
David Littleton Smith had a striking oil painting showing, to me, the puniness of the sailor in the face of a storm. While it is technically not in Accabonac Harbor, it could have been painted from Gerard Drive or Louse Point. It sold for $900.

The other paintings that sold:

Cynthia Sobel's "Bright Day at Pussy's Pond", watercolor, 13x16, sold for $450.

Robert Budd, "Uncle George's Meadow at Sunrise", watercolor, 12x27, sold for $400.

Kirsten Benfield, "Rock at Pollock-Krasner House", watercolor, 12x16, sold for $450.

Gwen O'Neil's "On Fire", photo, 22x34, sold for $500.

Laurie Hall's "Head in the Clouds", oil pastel, 12x12, sold for $300.

Abby Abrams, "Inner Harbor", watercolor.
Joric Latham's "Storm Clearing", watercolor, 12x15, sold for $300.

Two other paintings I liked that didn't sell:

Ralph Carpentier's "View to Flaggy Hole,"  priced at $5,000.

Abby Abrams' "Inner Harbor", watercolor, priced at $950. I liked this one because to me it hid a cute sheep and some leprechauns behind the reeds. (As the Little Prince understood, there is no substitute for imagination, and the best art creates opportunities for the viewer's imagination to get to work.)
Ralph Carpentier, "View to Flaggy Hole", oil on linen,


My wife Alice Tepper Marlin also looked at the show and commented how pleasant the overall effect of it was.

She thinks the concept of the show is excellent because Accabonac Harbor is so pretty that it is hard for a painter or photographer to go wrong.

And: Anyone who has lived here wants reminders of the landscape.

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