Wednesday, October 21, 2015

NYC COMPTROLLER | 1992-93, Then & Now (As of Nov. 15, 2015)

1. Fred Palm, Joe Benitez, Barry Skura, David Eichenthal, 
Bob Harris, at Russian Café Andruska. We said Bon Voyage 
to Bob, leaving for Moscow, 1993. Photos by JT Marlin.
Benitez, Joe
Carlsen, Guy
Cohen, Libby
Gmach, David
Dignam, Rhea
Eichenthal, David
Gu, Zheng
Halverson, Dick
Harris, Bob
Hathaway, Dixie
2. L to R: Marlene Rehkamp, Alice Tepper Marlin, Ibby 
Lang, Barry Skura, Joe Benitez, Bob Harris.
Holtzman, Comptroller Liz
Lang, Elizabeth (Ibby)
Marlin, Alice Tepper
Marlin, John Tepper
Mattei, Suzanne
Nairne, Michael
Neustadt, David
O'Marah, Maeve
Palm, Fred
3. Ibby Lang, Fred Palm, Benitez, Barry Skura,
David Neustadt, Bob Harris

Paul, Alice
Rosenthal, Andrew
Sanzillo, Tom
Schindelheim, Marc
Skura, Barry
Stewart, Lincoln
Tallarico, Claire
Wollman, Eric
More here from years 1994-2001.

If you can update present status of anyone on this list, please email me.

4. Bob Harris, Rhea Dignam, Michael Nairne.
Barry Skura
THEN: Office of Policy Management
NOW: Health and Hospitals Corporation

Bob Harris
THEN: Director, Office of Policy Management
5. Maeve O'Marah, John Tepper Marlin, 
David Gmach.
LATER: Gig in Moscow, married Russian lady
NOW: Retired

David Eichenthal
THEN: Deputy Director, OPM
NOW: State of Tennessee, Chattanooga

David Gmach
THEN: Comptroller's Office
LATER: Headed up Business Improvement District

David Neustadt
THEN: Press Officer
NOW: Press Officer, Financial Services Dept., NY State, Albany

Eric Wollman
THEN: Attorney, Comptroller's Office
NOW: Attorney, Comptroller's Office
(and manager of FOCEA, Former Office of Comptroller Employees Association) 

Lincoln Stewart
NOW: Department of Finance, NYC

6. Eric Wollman, at leisure.
He runs FOCEA (Former Office
of the Comptroller Employees Assn.).

Maeve O'Marah
THEN: Comptroller's Office
LATER: Went to Massachusetts Budget Office

Marlene Rehkamp
THEN: Assistant Comptroller
NOW: Editor, Writer

Rhea Dignam
THEN: Executive Deputy Comptroller
NOW: Senior Counsel, Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, Securities and Exchange Commission

7. Holiday party, Fiscal and Budget Studies (FABS), 1992.
Who will tackle the Santa Claus piñata? L to R: Zheng Gu,
John Tepper Marlin, Bob de Laurentis, Andrew Rosenthal.

Tom Sanzillo
THEN: Deputy Director, Office of Policy Management
NOW: Leader of
Energy Nonprofit in Cleveland

9. Santa doesn't have a chance. L to R: Zheng Gu,
Dick Halverson, Guy Carlsen.
8. Zheng Gu steps up to
 the plate.

Postscript, Jan. 30, 2017: More information on FOCEA is available in these posts:
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10. L to R: Lincoln Stewart, Dixie Hathaway, Andrew Rosenthal.