Thursday, June 16, 2016

FOOD BIZ | Rhinebeck, Gigi Trattoria (Update June 20, 2016)

The GG-7, in Rhinebeck, N.Y. L to R: Alice Tepper Marlin, Jon Jacoby, Amy Lehr, Bennett
Freeman, Paula Luff, Patricia Jurewicz, John Tepper Marlin. Photo by Gigi Trattoria waitstaff.
What a nice evening again with other people attending the program on labor issues in company supply chains, convened by a young company called Skytop Strategies. 

The conference program was well planned and useful; I expect we will hear more from and about Skytop.

We were staying in rooms in the Delamater House complex connected with the Beekman Arms Inn, which claims to be America's oldest continuously operated inn. Maybe so.

There is no dispute over the Beekman Arms being the location of an argument that Alexander Hamilton had with Aaron Burr that led to a duel in which – SPOILER ALERT! – Burr killed Hamilton. 
This is a list of providers of ingredients to Gigi Trattoria food that ought to be imitated by
every restaurant. We consumers want to know!

More cheerfully, that inn is also where FDR–resident of Hyde Park, south of Rhinebeck on the road to Poughkeepsie–formally launched his successful 1932 campaign to be President of the United States.

So we ate out in Rhinebeck and were taken in vans to the conference in the well-designed music center at Bard College.  

The first evening we were at The Local, the second at Gigi Trattoria, on Montgomery St. (phone 845-876-1007).

Laura Pensioro founded and owns Gigi and deserves huge credit for bringing a locavore philosophy and organic food to Rhinebeck. 

(See bottom of the menu, showing the local farms that Gigi buys from, under the heading "DELICIOUSLY LOCAL SINCE 2001".)
Salmon from the Faroe Islands with
"Mediterranean"couscous and fava beans.
Not all so local, but good.

Her example, her writing about the topic of organic and locavore food, and her active interface with the farming community for the last 15 years have inspired other restaurants... not just in Rhinebeck but in the Hudson Valley.

Swimming against the tide, as it were, I selected the salmon. It came all the way from the Faroe Islands, betwixt Norway and Iceland, and at the end of the trip was deposited by the chef on a bed of "Mediterranean" (North African) couscous.

Alas, I forgot to ask for it rare, so I can't complain that to my taste the salmon was a bit overcooked.

I have provided a photo of the salmon dish.

We ate outside in the fresh air, which was a treat because the weather was perfect.

If Alice and I had brought along  our dog HachikĊ to Rhinebeck with us, we could have brought our Wookiee with us to dinner.

Apparently dogs are permitted to dine with their owners in any outside dining area in New York State, according to the notice posted by Gigi.

I got a taste of another dish, the gnocchi, and I hereby provide a photo and endorsement of same.

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