Monday, August 8, 2016

SENIORS | Most Livable Cities

Drum roll. Trumpets.
A group based in Austin, Tex. has developed a livability score for senior citizens

They say it is the first one developed specifically for seniors. That is a dangerous thing to assert since is a fairly obvious thing to do. They haven't looked very hard. I can think of several such scores that have been developed, as long as decades ago.

Meanwhile, the state with the most "top cities" in it (four) is Texas. (New York State is listed as having two cities, "New York City" and "Brooklyn". Actually, folks, since 1898 New York City has incorporated the Borough of Brooklyn.)

If you are still reading about this index, the city in Texas with the top livability score of 79 using an index developed by the group based in Austin, Tex. is...

drum roll

...Austin, Tex.!