Sunday, July 15, 2018

CANADA | "There Is No Planet B"

Protest in Ottawa against Farm Policy
 (Subsidies, Hormones, Caged Animals...)
OTTAWA, July 15, 2018–On our way yesterday from our hotel to The Glebe area of Ottawa, where my brother lives, we went by a protest of Canadian farm policy.

The signs recited the shortcomings of farm policy, from caged animals to hormone injections to animal-farm subsidies.

My favorite sign was "There is no Planet B".

The central concern of the protesters seemed to be about treatment of animals.

The demonstration was sponsored by Nation Rising, a Canadian organization. They were heading for Parliament Hill, where they listed to some speeches.

They were chanting: "The PLANet, the PEOple, the A-NI-MALS. In a Morse code version of iambic verse meter, the line went: .–., .–.,.– – –.

I thought it was effective to have a police escort on bicycles, showing some sympathy with the environmental concerns of the protesters and at the same time allowing the police to control the crowds at ground level with more equipment than a pedestrian could carry.

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