Monday, July 2, 2018

HEIDI FISKE | Mexico Ready to Embrace China?

Lopéz Obrador, Mexico's Newly 
Elected President
The following story originated from our Mexico tracker, Heidi Fiske:

Trump's plan to alienate the neighbors and friends of the United States is bearing fruit.

This blogpost, written by Heidi Fiske, expressed our alarm about the case of Mexico. Our concerns were justified. The country is reacting as one might expect, turning to other nations to seek help.

Until now, Mexican leaders have been wary of involving China in their country’s affairs for fear of angering the United States. 

Not any more. Its just-elected socialist president Andrés Manuel López Obrador plans a range of infrastructure projects in the poverty-stricken south of Mexico in which he grew up.

Many of these projects are expected to be financed with Chinese loans. We are watching this evolving story.

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