Thursday, October 11, 2007

WEBSITES | Best Five City/County Sites

New York City's web site - - is by far the most popular local government web site in the United States, based on visits to the sites. As of August 2007, New York City's site had a 7.3 percent market share. It is more than three times as popular as the next-most-visited site, according to Hitwise.

The next most popular was Miami-Dade County, with 2.2 percent. Next, surprisingly, is not the City of Los Angeles but rather its Sheriff's Department. The City of Chicago ranks fourth and the Maricopa County (Phoenix) court system is fifth.

Rank. Name of Locality - Web Site - Market Share
1. City of New York - - 7.32%
2. Miami-Dade County - - 2.20%
3. Los Angeles Sheriff's Department 1.65%
4. City of Chicago 1.62%
5. Maricopa County, Arizona - Superior Court of
Arizona - 1.52%
Source: Hitwise

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