Friday, November 9, 2012

ESB to WS | "Mark to Market"

Empire State Building is red, white and blue–for Veterans'
Day. Photo by JT Marlin.
November 12, 2012–I was looking at the Empire State Building colors and was sure the message was: "Blue on top. Barack Obama won a second term. Get used to it."

To the Wall Street hedge fund and private equity guys who in vain spent bundles of money trying to defeat Obama for threatening to raise taxes on the very wealthy, the colors say: "Mark to Market."

In fact, of course, they need to go through denial (Wait for more ballots! Recount! Travesty!) and anger before they get to the Nirvana of acceptance. 

But the ESB management has kindly made it easy to find out what meaning ESB actually intended. You just have to go here to find out that the building is blue, white and red in honor of the Veterans' Day Holiday on Monday, not the election. They turned on the colors three days early.