Sunday, November 18, 2012

SANDY | U.S. Deaths from the Hurricane–Interactive Map

The death toll from Hurricane Sandy is shown in a useful map in the Sunday print edition of the NY Times. However, it cuts out after a 65 mile radius of New York City and does not show the three deaths in Atlantic County, where the hurricane made landfall, just south of Atlantic City.

The interactive map on the NY Times website has the full map without an arbitrary cutoff.

Governor Christie said that Hurricane Sandy was America's second-worst ever. That is true only if you use property damage as the basis for comparison and you ignore the fact that money amounts in 1900, which would be really stupid because U.S. dollar values need to be adjusted for inflation over such a long period.

I have already noted this (see below). Doesn't Gov. Christie read my posts?

  1. Hurricane Sandy's Severity ... - Huffington Post
    John Tepper Marlin
    31 Oct 2012 – Upon examination, Hurricane Irene does not even rank among the 10 most costly. "A dollar ranking that does not adjust for inflation is just not useful." [Emphasis added.]

    How to Measure Hurricane Sandy's Damage John Tepper Marlin29 Oct 2012 – Maintained by John Tepper Marlin. Wikio - Top Blogs - ... "A ranking based on dollars that does not adjust for inflation is just not useful." [Emphasis added.]