Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NYC | Landfill Idea a Mistake?

I have heard it several places - the map of part of Manhattan that was not flooded by Sandy looks a lot like the Manhattan Island that Peter Stuyvesant et al. colonized.

The implication is that the landfill approach was a mistake. So the World Trade Center was taken down from above by terrorists and its landfill has been overrun by Sandy's surge. The two disasters are often linked but not quite in this way.

Now the implication has been posted as a comment on an article on Dutch responses to flooding in Crain's. The article is behind a subscription wall but the comment is not:
  wrote on The Dutch are already building houses that float and are attached to the ground (the seabed-to-be) by anchors. We have a LOT more land here, and can afford to let large amounts of it revert to its natural state.  We'd better start building reefs for oyster beds and planting marsh plants in low-lying areas of New York now rather than waiting for another Sandy, because there will be, not one, but many.  Like it or not, New York is going to return to the boundaries it had in the 1600s, pre-landfill, no point in spending a lot of money and labor trying to deny it. Read more: (limited access).
One reason that the Dutch were over here in the first place is that floods had been taking place in Holland and Belgium and they were looking for places to relocate their people.