Friday, March 29, 2013

NYC | Paid Sick Leave

NYC Gets Paid Sick Leave
For three years Speaker Christine Quinn held the line in the NY City Council on paid sick leave, citing the ailing NYC economy.

All of her mayoral opponents piled on against her at a meeting she was unable to attend.

Then she pushed through legislation quickly and efficiently.

That is pretty impressive.

The compromise that was reached will give paid sick leave to one million New York City service workers that didn't have it.

For those who think she gave away too much, I say - five days a year, only for companies employing at least 20 people (15 people starting in 2015)? That is not too much. Larger companies and governments routinely allow a day a month for the first year and 15 paid sick days after the first year.

For those who think workers deserve better - of course they do. But New Jersey has zero sick days required of anyone and Connecticut requires nothing of any company hiring fewer than 50 people. The principle that is preoccupying the Supreme Court on DOMA - not being too far ahead of public opinion - also applies to political leadership.

The activists should move their campaigns to neighboring states - if they can move the needle in NJ and CT, come back to NYC!  Here is the NY Times story today

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