Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NYC | Lhota v de Blasio on the Economy

Joe Lhota (L) and Bill de Blasio (R).
In preparation for the Primary, City Limits magazine collected the views of mayoral candidates on economic development.

Given that the two main candidates are now facing off in the General Election in less than five weeks, these views are worth consulting again, this time more attentively.

Joe Lhota (Republican nominee for Mayor of New York City)

• "Diversify our economy and provide an environment conducive to job creation and the elevation of the standard of living in all five boroughs."

• "Create a climate that will encourage and sustain job growth, including reducing burdensome regulations and taxes that stifle private sector growth."

Bill de Blasio (Democratic nominee for Mayor of New York City)

• Reform or eliminate corporate tax breaks to save the city $250 million and devote it to CUNY

•  Form cohesive system from currently disjointed job training and placement programs, especially for less-skilled workers

• Expand CTE high schools

• Use better zoning enforcement and infrastructure investment to promote manufacturing

• Strengthen “neglected" sectors by building economic development hubs in each neighborhood and launching loan and investment funds to provide capital to local start-ups

• Reduce fines on small businesses and increase their chances of landing city contracts

• Expand sick day coverage, push for higher wages through city contracts and provide better work-rights enforcement