Monday, October 22, 2018

PERRY GERSHON | Kate Browning Says Vote for Him

Kate Browning (2nd from left) supports Perry Gershon
(center). (Newsday photo.)
When voters in New York's Congressional District 1 get their ballots to vote on, they will see Kate Browning on the Women's Equality line.

This is not because Kate Browning is still a candidate for Congress. She has thrown her support to Perry Gershon. She did this immediately after the Democratic primary in June, when she came in second after Perry Gershon. This was a breakthrough moment when all four of Perry's primary opponents agreed to show up at a unity party to support Perry.

Apparently, the voting laws in New York State prohibit removal of a candidate's name from a ballot unless the candidate is up for another office. So Kate Browning's name is there.

What to do? If you are a Perry Gershon supporter, shifting your vote to Kate Browning does nothing for Perry. Don't do it. Votes for her on this ballot do not accrue to Perry even though she supports him. The votes are counted and then disappear. You are not doing what Kate Browning wants.

However, if you are a Lee Zeldin voter and cannot bring yourself to vote for a Democrat under any circumstances, here is your opportunity to show your solidarity with those concerned about the rights of women. Here is your chance to express your disgust at the Cavanaugh appointment, for example. Ladies and gentlemen of Tea Party/Trump inclination, here is your chance to express yourself on the cause of women. Your vote will be counted on behalf of women even though you could not bring yourself to vote for a Democrat. Lee Zeldin will know why you didn't vote for him.

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